Comparing Camera image quality from recording

Buyer beware ! - Some systems can't record at the same high resolution that they display on live view.

Whichever of our systems you choose. It will record at the same resolution that it displays on Live View. 


This is important because the higher the resolution of the recording the clearer it will be when digitally zooming in on the footage. Which is what will happen in the event of needing to identify a person from recorded footage for evidence. Hence our advice is to go for the highest resolution within your budget.  


To demonstrate the benefit of choosing the highest resolution the first screen shot below shows recorded footage from four cameras. A 4K (8MegaPixel HDCVI or 6 Megapixel IP) camera. A 4 MegaPixel HDCVI camera. A 2 MegaPixel HDCVI camera and a 1 MegaPixel HDCVI camera.


Then the second screen shot shows the same recorded images fully digitally zoomed in. The distance from the cameras is 8 metres and you can see the big difference in detail, where the test card over the right shoulder is still recognisable on the highest resolution whereas it's a blur on the lowest.

 Please note these images are a guide as the quality of the image is also reliant on the quality of the screen you are viewing these images.

Recorded footage without any digital zoom

CCTV cameras MP no zoom.jpg

Same footage on maximum digital zoom

CCTV Camera image full zoom.jpg